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Sleep (dep) theater

I had a few odd dreams last night all linked together with reference to lots of LJ friends from college.  It started out as a bus trip with other "students" to a science fair with mistergone as a fellow participant and it was pretty stressful for a dream (you know, the kind where you didn't do the homework or study for the test)  During the fair the entire group was lead through a choreography competition which is obviously inspired by kissmary 's show "So You Think You Can Dance".  Finally the entire group of us were chased from the campus by giant robots and fled into a large gothic manor.  This lead into a battle with tiny robots and werewolves, when I got caught by the werewolf princessdiablo but it turned out to just be a LARP, so we went to the storytellers random_vamp and mrwoolite who told me that my character was basically going to die.  So we wrapped up the LARP in a large auditorium where we watched a cartoon and music performance art organized by fizzbang .  He started off by passing around chocolate chips while we listed to "A Whole New World" and some pastoral animation then started throwing inflated guitars into the audience.  It ended around then as most of us disgustedly stormed out of the theater.
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D&D for the rest of us

With Players Handbook II coming out this week, I would be excited to actually play D&D.  Currently I am running an online game on Facebook, but like many DM's I am not actually playing in any games.  I would like to start here in Livejournal a Forgotten Realms game using all the 4th Edition books out to date (once the PHBII comes out)  The game will be "Open Table" which means no-DM, we will use a FR Adventure out of the box "Sceptre of Spellgard" and run it open book.  We can use Invisible Castle for open rolling and Flickr for maps.  I would like to have 5-6 players, priority (if necessary) given to those who are DM'ing a game currently (to give them a chance to play too!)

Let me know if you are interested and I will add you to the new LJ Community.


This weekend the weather was good enough to go outside a good deal

1) Henry went to the park for the second time in a few days: the swing and the slide were used as well as walking about
2) We raked some leaves (pictures to come) and stirred the compost, both which really needed to be done
3) I figure that with the current interest rates going around it is a good time to refinance our mortgage, wish me luck (or give me advice!)
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Email and work

I haven't posted much about my job, which is very cool and always interesting.

1) I have redirected johnmeier.org to my professional portfolio
2) I put in my 2nd year tenure dossier this January, which means I am approximately 1/3 of the way to tenure
3) Our old library email is going away and I will dance when I am only meier@psu.edu and maybe jjm38@psu.edu but nothing else
4) I get to travel a good deal this spring and summer: Alexandria, VA from March 29-April 3; Washington D.C. from June 13-17; Chicago from July 9-14 (Mary is along every time.  Henry too except for maybe Chicago)
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Beer Can Chicken

This weekend was a busy one, considering it was only two days like any other (and still too cold to go for a walk or spend much time outdoors)

1) Made a beer can tandoori chicken from a recipe in a book I got years back (and have successfully tried three recipes from, which has this one as the best)
2) Installed a crib tent for Henry, because that boy can not only stand and walk, but he can climb.
3) Went to Best Buy for 50% off their in stock Anime, which is because certain stores are eliminating their inventory.
4) Still planning to got to OBX for DPB-con, but only with a "visitor pass".  We will be staying nearby with my mother.
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From my iPod

Not sure if I should microblog from LJ, Twitter, or Facebook. Right now a post to LJ goes to the others. However, Facebook has the most rich, social functions in their Status services.
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We have put up a few more photos of Henry who is now 10 months old.

1) I came home yesterday to the sight of Henry standing, unsupported, in the kitchen and when he saw me coming up the stairs he walked over to the gate to greet me.  Boggle!

2) Today is Fat Tuesday, the last day of Mardi Gras.  I have king cake and left over red beans and rice with sausage for lunch!

3) I can't stop listening to the album I just bought on iTunes, "Incredibad", which came with six SNL video shorts

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If I can stick to five short things every few days, maybe this will work!

1) Two very cool people got married to form one giant bastion of awesomeness.  Congrats to mr_mking  and alphabetically !
2) Henry's Opa visited this weekend, so kissmary  and I had a "date".  We went to Zeno's to share a beer (Winona's Big Brown Ale) and to the Diner for my first grilled stickey.
3) Happy Lundi Gras!
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I haven't posted to this journal in a long time, so I thought it would be a good time to get back into updates.  Five things to start:

1) Got to see the Director of Search from LinkedIn speak yesterday, and noted his comment "A librarian is a wonderful thing" on Twitter.
2) Watching lots of behind the scenes for Watchmen on my iPod Touch
3) Henry is walking better, three to ten steps between things and people.  Parenting just got more interesting!
4) Reading both science and science fiction by the same author at the same time is a good idea.
5) Lunch today includes some homemade yogurt
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Good night everybody

Just wanted to post from my new bedtime.  Henry goes to sleep between 7 and 8pm and since he still gets up a few times at night, we go to bed as well.
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