John J Meier (johnmeier1) wrote,
John J Meier

D&D for the rest of us

With Players Handbook II coming out this week, I would be excited to actually play D&D.  Currently I am running an online game on Facebook, but like many DM's I am not actually playing in any games.  I would like to start here in Livejournal a Forgotten Realms game using all the 4th Edition books out to date (once the PHBII comes out)  The game will be "Open Table" which means no-DM, we will use a FR Adventure out of the box "Sceptre of Spellgard" and run it open book.  We can use Invisible Castle for open rolling and Flickr for maps.  I would like to have 5-6 players, priority (if necessary) given to those who are DM'ing a game currently (to give them a chance to play too!)

Let me know if you are interested and I will add you to the new LJ Community.
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