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Sleep (dep) theater

I had a few odd dreams last night all linked together with reference to lots of LJ friends from college.  It started out as a bus trip with other "students" to a science fair with mistergone as a fellow participant and it was pretty stressful for a dream (you know, the kind where you didn't do the homework or study for the test)  During the fair the entire group was lead through a choreography competition which is obviously inspired by kissmary 's show "So You Think You Can Dance".  Finally the entire group of us were chased from the campus by giant robots and fled into a large gothic manor.  This lead into a battle with tiny robots and werewolves, when I got caught by the werewolf princessdiablo but it turned out to just be a LARP, so we went to the storytellers random_vamp and mrwoolite who told me that my character was basically going to die.  So we wrapped up the LARP in a large auditorium where we watched a cartoon and music performance art organized by fizzbang .  He started off by passing around chocolate chips while we listed to "A Whole New World" and some pastoral animation then started throwing inflated guitars into the audience.  It ended around then as most of us disgustedly stormed out of the theater.
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